Bright Idea Projects 966 cc was started by Ashraf Ali Pangarker, who is currently the main member of the company. The company was started in the 1st quarter of 2006. It was noted that within the wheel barrow market in the greater Cape Town area, there seemed to be a need for a competitive good quality product, at an affordable price. Therefore the company saw the need and went into importing and distribution of ISO:9001:2000 compliant wheel barrows, for our local market. Currently the company markets into the ever growing hardware industry, the construction sector, as well as opening out to the hiring sector. The company distributes both the light duty and heavy duty wheel barrows with pneumatic wheels best suited for the Cape terrain.

The company has always viewed the fact that quality cannot be compromised and therefore we are always confident that our product is and will be recognised as a front runner in the booming construction/hardware sectors. Together with the wheel barrows, we also provide all the spare parts that go with it and will be launching further innovative products regarding the needs of other sectors such as the gardening and landscaping areas. We will also be looking at the permo tube type wheels which are needed for the hiring and construction markets. So in a nut shell we want to offer good quality products at prices that are unbeatable to a market that realizes that a wheel barrow although being a basic construction tool is something that we cannot do without.


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